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Erleben Sie eine exklusive Selektion von Geschmack und Stil für einen individuellen  Lifestyle.

Qualität inspiriert uns. Unsere ausgesuchten Marken garantieren und versprechen diesen hohen Anspruch.

Barons & Bastards unterstreicht Ihre Einzigartigkeit.


YVRA 1958  

Was it predestination gently prompted by that oh, so prominent nose which graces generations of family members? Or was it that beloved uncle who shared the secrets of scents with his young nephew? Nature or nurture, or perhaps a bit of both? The fact remains: Yvo van regteren Altena (Haarlem, 1958) has always followed his nose. His fascination for perfume created a stir when as a teenager he proved his mettle at calling out the names of the most obscure scents while blindfolded.

John Lobb began making boots and shoes over 150 years ago. The brand's tradtional savoir-faire remains to this day, means designing and manufactoring shoes to conform perfectly to the shape of the client's foot and his aesthetic wishes.

Brice Jaunet created his own brand of watches after 15 years in the watchmaking industry. He wanted to create a beautiful and authentic yet affordable timepiece, which is sporty, chic and slightly quirky spirit.

Gabo's strength is not only the quality of their fabric and aesthetic appeal, it is a way of life, a demonstration of style and culture. It is, what the Englishman calls “bespoke” in order to define a truly made-to-measure suit.

MC2 SAINT BARTH was emerged in 1994 from gorgeous Caribbean sea colours, the white sand and shell of St Barth Island by two young entrepreneurs, who created their own beachwear collection based on the Island‘s atmosphere.

BEGG & Co is known for their combining time-honoured traditional weaving and finishing methods with cutting-edge production techniques. BEGG & Co handcrafts exquisite scarves, stoles and throws that are a pleasure to touch, wear and own.

Private White is a luxury handcrafted British Menswear brand, all clothing is based on military legacy, with many items based on classic wartime pieces, updated with added functionality and detail for the modern man.